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        Our Company---Harmony, progress, development and dedication

        Wuxi Kaichi Electric Co., Ltd. is located in Taihu Lake coast city with prosperous economy, outstanding people & smart land, developed science & technology , beautiful scenery and convenient transportation-Wuxi City, Jiangsu province.

        We develop and produce vacuum appliances, etc. specialized in high & low voltage vacuum contactors. We provide the users with high quality & featured products & services and provide better & more suitable products through utilizing rich technical experience, matured production technology, perfect detection means and strict quality assurance. The enterprise focuses on the cultivation and development of human resources, it has formed the "people-oriented" business philosophy, it has also created a high-quality workforce. "Harmony, progress, development and dedication" are the beliefs and norms of Kaichi people. We regard "product innovation to strive for the market, quality assurance for the reputation, customer satisfaction for image establishment and continuous improvement of a benefit" as the development policy of the enterprise.

        High and low pressure AC vacuum contactors of the company are widely used in power electronic control, petrochemistry, metallurgy, cement machinery, coal mines, dock, street lighting control, etc.

        The direct export volume is the highest among the similar domestic products.

        The company operates in strict accordance with ISO9001-2000 quality assurance system.

        Our company is based on the tenet of "users' need is our goal" , develops with the users with innovative and flexible management philosophy, in addition, we persist on the win-win situation as the business purposes and we service the customers wholeheartedly.

        We warmly welcome people from all circles to visit our website, email us, call or visit our company.

        Vacuum - the choice of technology

        Since the 1980 s, the application of vacuum technology in the field of electric switch is considered to be an important advance. The vacuum technology has achieved faster development compared with other technologies because it has the characteristics of safety, reliability and maintenance-free. Because vacuum tubes are made of materials non-hazardous to the environment, the factors of health & environmental protection have further consolidated the status in vacuum electric appliance technology. Advantages of vacuum technology also makes switch greatly reduced in size, this has saved space and saved investment costs. The vacuum technology also makes the switch life greatly improved, it is free from maintenance while using, its economic effect is obvious. Summarizing the advantages in environmental protection, price/performance ratio, long service life and maintenance-free, it is the best choice to use vacuum electrical apparatus.




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