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        Vacuum circuit breaker

        The vacuum contactor is generally designated to be used indoors, the general environmental conditions are as follows:

        ● Ambient temperature: The ambient air temperature should be no more than 40 ℃, in addition, the average temperature within 24 hours should be no more than 35 ℃, the ambient air temperature should be no less than-15 ℃.

        ● Height above sea level: As for altitude of the installation place. For low voltage type of switching elements and low-voltage in components among the high voltage switch components, it does not exceed 2000m, For high-voltage switch element it does not exceed 1000 m.

        ● Relative humidity: Relative humidity of the atmosphere does not exceed 50% at + 40℃ of the ambient air temperature. Under lower temperatures, a higher relative humidity is permitted, The daily average is no more than 95%. When in the wettest month, an average temperature is + 20 ℃. The mean monthly maximum relative humidity is 90%. Condensation due to temperature change occurred on the surface of products has been considered.

        ● Work environment: Free of rain and snow invasion, fire & explosion hazard, chemical corrosion and strong vibration.

        ● Level of contamination: level III, with conductive pollution, Or the dry non-conductive pollution becomes conductive pollution due to condensation.

        If you need a special usage environment, please contact us!


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