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        Combined electric appliance

        Combined electric appliance generally refers to the type of electrical component combined with two or more kinds of switching devices. This can expand the functional space of the single electric appliance. For example, in order to provide short circuit protection function, we can use combination of vacuum contactor and fuse.

        Combined electric appliances have different usage conditions according to their respective different combinations of the electrical appliances. As for specific conditions, please refer to their individual instructions. Business negotiations are welcome.

        The vacuum contactor is generally designated to be used indoors, the general environmental conditions are as follows:

        ● Ambient temperature: The ambient air temperature should be no more than 40 ℃, in addition, the average temperature within 24 hours should be no more than 35 ℃, the ambient air temperature should be no less than-15 ℃.

        ● Height above sea level: As for altitude of the installation place. For low voltage type of switching elements and low-voltage in components among the high voltage switch components, it does not exceed 2000m, For high-voltage switch element it does not exceed 1000 m.

        ● Relative humidity: Relative humidity of the atmosphere does not exceed 50% at + 40℃ of the ambient air temperature. Under lower temperatures, a higher relative humidity is permitted, The daily average is no more than 95%. When in the wettest month, an average temperature is + 20 ℃. The mean monthly maximum relative humidity is 90%. Condensation due to temperature change occurred on the surface of products has been considered.

        ● Work environment: Free of rain and snow invasion, fire & explosion hazard, chemical corrosion and strong vibration.

        ● Level of contamination: level III, with conductive pollution, Or the dry non-conductive pollution becomes conductive pollution due to condensation.

        If you need a special usage environment, please contact us!


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